The Platform Suite enables you to deliver information through the development of a web, mobile, or smart solution. Information derived from the Platform Suite’s technologies enable you to derive reliable, context-specific information necessary for making informed decisions.
• Build customized geospatial apps and solutions with a sophisticated set of developer-focused technologies
• Extend geospatial functionality where you need it – on the cloud, web, desktop and mobile devices – through modern and dynamic toolkits
Empower those without a significant geospatial background to leverage advanced geospatial functionality in their workflows.
• Integrate geospatial information and focused business processes.
• Construct powerful, highly constrained, map-based processes that guide the user step-by-step through creating and attributing geospatial data.
• Avoid the cost and complexity of desktop GIS by utilizing supporting high-end functionality and disconnected workflows in a web-based client application

Bring real-time enterprise data access and sophisticated analysis to the web with a fully scalable and customizable server solution that deploys high-end web services and websites.
• Deploy a flexible solution for managing secure information and serving it to a wide variety of desktop, web, and mobile applications
• Provide secure integration with existing GIS, CAD environments, and business systems with our interoperable platform built on proven technological standards
• Customize your web interface, create user-defined queries and provide direct access to your geospatial data
• Ensure firm adherence to Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®), INSPIRE, and International Standards Organization (ISO) standards for web services and metadata compliance