The Provider Suite allows you to manage and deliver your data to others:
• Organize file-based, database and web-enabled geospatial and business data into a centralized library
• Distribute data from the cloud or on-premise across desktop, web and mobile applications
• Proliferate geospatial data within and across large, disparate organizations
• Optimize disk space requirements, reducing total cost    of ownership
Organize vast amounts of distributed geospatial and business data into one centralized and comprehensive, human-readable library.
• Provide a central data repository for all geospatial and business data, while minimizing infrastructure needs
• Enable complex searches of assets against rich metadata
• Distribute massive amounts of data to thousands of users efficiently and quickly, in a variety of standard and proprietary ways
• Empower your end-users to create value-added data products so they can make sense of change


ERDAS APOLLO is offered within the PROVIDER SUITE of the Power Portfolio.